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PartyLite is great for me! I absolutely love their candles - they’re the best in the world. And they are so easy to sell!

The products are really high quality, but it’s the people at Partylite that really make the difference. Everyone cares about you and the support you get from other Consultants and the PartyLite Office team is amazing. Plus, I get to work the hours I choose, make a real income and have fun at the same time.

PartyLite began in the early 1900s with an enterprising young teacher who turned her love of candles into a flourishing business. Today the PartyLite family includes over 60,000 Consultants in 18 countries around the world. And over time, that single line of bayberry candles has grown into an extensive selection of the highest quality candles and accessories available.

My Hosts and Guests find that it’s a really nice, relaxed way to shop and have fun with their friends too! Whether they’re looking for gifts, something for themselves or a brand new look for their home, PartyLite always delivers.

Whatever your interest in PartyLite: buying products, having a party or joining us - simply click on the ‘Contact Me’ link below and I’ll be in touch with you soon!
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